Mediterranean Architecture

Kantelberg Arquitectos

Kantelberg Architects

Benissa, Alicante (Costa Blanca)


Kantelberg Arquitectos started in 2007 in the area of ​​the Costa Blanca. Our projects include new construction and refurbishments. Factors that are an important part of the architecture of Kantelberg Arquitectos include the Mediterranean landscape, the climate, and the program of requirements of our clients.

About us

Kantelberg Arquitectos is a multidisciplinary studio with years of experience in the design, development and management of architectural projects.

The entire team, technical architects, engineers work together as a coordinated unit to provide the guarantee of quality within which the projects are carried out.

kantelberg arquitectos

Fundamental Components


Modern and functional design adapting it to the needs of the client.


Knowledge and experience of Spanish regulations and norms.

Comfort and Experience

Integration of elements such as the orientation of the house, details and installations.

Moraira, Alicante (Costa Blanca)


Our goal is that every project expresses the illusion, dream and wishes of the future residents. Therefore, each project is unique and personal in design. The realization of a building is the expression of the schedule of requirements, with the design and elaboration as an intermediate phase. The design process strives for integration with the environment in both natural and balanced harmony. For the Kantelberg Arquitectos team, the aesthetic value must remain indelible over time, so that the architectural design is experienced as timeless.


Kantelberg Architects’ basic principle is that all parts of the design should fit into a concept as a whole. In doing so, the team focuses on the preferences of our clients in order to create the most appropriate atmosphere on the one hand, and to give the architecture a unique essence on the other.

Jávea, Alicante (Costa Blanca)