Recent Projects


Casa Pintor Gris

The level of the house is the same in all interior spaces as well as the outside terrace. The difference in height of the interior spaces gives the house a dynamic whole. The pergola as a continuous line of the facade breaks up the volume of the house in an exciting way.


Casa Miel

Casa Miel has been designed by from a mix of both Mediterranean and Caribbean influences. The experience of the interior with the exterior has a natural integration through the half open connecting porch. The roof planes with a sloping roof give the house an extra dimension both inside and outside in the facade view.


Casa el Portet

Rectangular volumes form the basis of the house. The house is designed with an emphasis on integration with the surrounding elements of sight, orientation and height. The direction of the plot boundary is reflected in the form of the porch. The porch thus offers an aligned connection with the volume of the living area. 


Casa Eucaliptus

An existing 70s house has been extended with modern volumes that fit together with soft roundings as lines. The character of the whole, integrating old and new, exudes a modern Mediterranean atmosphere.


Casa Calamar

An existing house has been expanded with a new volume. The existing volume is re-styled. In the new volume, the overhang of the roof surface creates a semi-open porch space.


Casa Moraira

The rectangular volumes form the basis of the house. These volumes are linked by the integration of the porch. This integration of the address into the volumes gives the house a robust character. However, the soft roundings provide a sympathetic Mediterranean accent. Especially the deliberate way in which natural stone elements have been incorporated as ¨bancales¨ in the plot, together with the combination of natural stone in the facades, add an extra dimension to the whole.


Casa Chopo

Both Mediterranean and Caribbean elements are the basis for this design. The living is concentrated on one layer with a continuous connection with the terrace and the infinity pool. The garage and technical areas are integrated in the house on the layer below the living space.


Casa Cabrera

Soft rounded lines form a harmonious connection in both the building volumes and the transition of the garden. The overgrown pergolas link the building volumes in a natural way.


Casa Mos

Characteristic architectural elements of the Costa Blanca area with a modern layout form the concept for the villa ¨Casa Mos¨. The vertical repetition in window frames in the facade together with the sloping roof planes gives a dynamic as well as harmonious image. The layout of the plot in combination with the house is aimed at optimal functional routing and living quality.