Kantelberg Architects

Ben Kantelberg

The office in Javea is led by Ben Kantelberg. Ben Kantelberg worked in the Netherlands (1992-2005) for various architectural offices, building companies, and private clients. Some references are: Frank Snep Architect (Eindhoven), Jan Uffing Building Company (Didam), Willem van Oorschot Architect BNA (Arnhem), Building Coordination Richard Beer (Beek en Donk).

Ben Kantelberg


Development and Elaboration

The project activities of the office consist of the following basic elements:

  • Identifying and defining a program of demands and wishes of the client
  • The design of the building
  • Technical drawings and memorias*
  • Acquiring the Visado** in the College of Architects
  • Communication with the Spanish authorities such as the town hall, province
  • Applying for building license
  • Directing the project
  • Certifying the project when finalized

* Memorias are Spanish requirements of the building project with calculations and evaluations on basis of local and general norms.

**Before a building/planning application can be submitted to municipal authorities, the application has  to have a “VISADO”. For each single building application of major works a “VISADO”  has to be issued by the Spanish College of Architects (“Colegio de Arquitectos”).

Technical disciplines

The Spanish building laws demand that a project has to be presented by a registered architect. Besides the Architect there has to be a Technical Architect. The Technical Architect is responsible for the coordination of health and safety, and quality control. Kantelberg Architects works together with experienced professionals.

Registered member of the COACV (Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de la Comunidad Valenciana).